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We are a company founded in 2009, specialized in asset management and real estate investment advisory services for buildings, hotels and commercial premises in prime areas of Barcelona.


We focus our activity in the personalized and professional treatment of each client, having for this purpose a team integrated by lawyers, economists, architects and other profiles to offer a comprehensive advisory service.

Our team

The success of our real estate operations is based on a team of professionals with an ethical and entrepreneurial base that guarantees a personalized treatment and a transparent and efficient management.

Ángela Sánchez

Director de Retail & High Street

Diploma in Business Administration and Management

After years as a management assistant in different companies, she started working in the real estate business, managing the sales team of one of the leading agencies in the country.

He joins the Laborde Marcet team to contribute his experience, leading and coordinating the retail sector and the management of commercial properties.
Perseverance and commitment at work are their features to achieve professional success.

Anna Comas

Consultor Retail & High Street

Anna is a Senior Architect. His incorporation brings to the team a technical point of view and creative capacity. Participates in the management, consulting and advisory of projects providing architectural and urban solutions in an integral manner.

His teamwork skills, organizational and planning qualities, as well as his motivation for quality and innovation, allow him to achieve good results both personally and professionally.

Daniel Martínez

Consultor Retail & High Street

Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector in Barcelona, specializing in the purchase and sale of residential and retail properties.

Experienced in customer acquisition and loyalty, always promoting exclusivity with customers. He is also an expert real estate appraiser

Always positive attitude, versatile and dynamic.

Elisabet Panisello

Consultor Retail & High Street

Communications Director and Media Planner in the advertising world. Specializing in positioning companies in the ICT world, she decided to turn to the real estate sector.

He joins Laborde Marcet bringing his business vision and contacts, joining the retail department.

Elisabet has great leadership skills. Passionate about her work, she transmits positivity and confidence.

Janette De Sousa Quintal

Consultor Retail & High Street

Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and a Postgraduate Degree in Business Management.

He has extensive international experience. For years she worked in private banking in charge of administration, leasing and marketing of commercial properties. In Spain, he headed the Product Department of a real estate company focused on luxury residential properties.

He joined the retail department, bringing more than 18 years of experience in financing, management and marketing in the real state sector.

She is an optimistic, persevering, proactive and decisive person.

Miquel Laborde

Founder Partner

He has more than 25 years of professional experience in the management of real estate assets in prime locations. After working as a lawyer, he started his professional career in the real estate sector, specifically in the real estate investment and consulting departments.

With international professional experience, he has worked in Romania, Poland and Hungary. He has also managed a hotel investment division in Panama and Costa Rica, advising Spanish families and investment funds.

Gerard Marcet

Founder Partner

Master’s degree in taxation and finance. He brings a transversal vision of the real estate business, with extensive experience in real estate, tax and financial advice to large fortunes. He previously worked at the law firm Cuatrecasas and has been responsible for the international area of one of the main banking entities in the country.

He has worked for the Spanish Ministry of Economy in Singapore and advising Spanish companies in their implementation in China.

Sònia López

Executive Secretary

Sònia is a Senior Secretary Technician. She has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector in Barcelona, specializing in the support of senior executives and in the management of sales teams.

Used to working in a team and under pressure, she tries to create a stable environment where cordiality prevails, treating others with esteem and consideration.

She is a person with character, organized, persistent and responsible.

Gemma García

Back Office

Graduate in archaeology and journalism. Specialized in content creation and documentary research. She has extensive experience in the real estate sector in back office tasks, digital marketing and digital image and design.

She is creative, perseverant, responsible and used to working in a team.

Benjamin Tarin

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 20 years of international experience in wealth management and real estate investments. He has been commercial manager in several real estate developers, leading the teams in the whole process of buying and selling real estate.

He joins the team as Chief Executive Director, bringing his leadership and advisory experience in major investments, particularly in real estate development.

Estela Juárez

Investment Consultant

Degree in Advertising & Public Relations and Master in Business Management.

With an extensive track record in the world of industrial companies and the construction sector, Estela has always been linked to Real Estate through a family-owned real estate company.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector with commercial and asset management responsibilities.

Currently, at Laborde Marcet, he advises family offices and private investors in the acquisition of real estate assets, as well as in divestment processes.

Ferran Esteve

Investment Consultant

With a background in Business Administration and Management and a specialization in marketing. He specializes in the research and acquisition of vertical properties, commercial premises, hotels and plots.

Organized, constant and creative, he seeks the most personalized customer service. He combines his work with his other great passion, soccer.

Jordi Sellarès

Investment Consultant

Systems technician specialist and information technology expert focused on the commercial world. After a master’s degree in business management, he decided to focus on real estate.

With more than 20 years of experience, he joins the investment department to focus on advising on the purchase and sale and investment of large assets such as residential, hotel and office buildings, commercial warehouses and plots.

Javier Segovia

Investment Consultant

Diploma in Business Administration and Management. With more than 10 years in finance as a director and investment advisor within the real estate sector.

Specialized in customer acquisition and loyalty, always ensuring a good advice and a very close treatment.

As a semi-professional athlete, he is highly competitive and has qualities such as organization, positivity and the ability to work under pressure.

Tomás Essomba

Investment Consultant

Tomás has always been linked to the commercial world in different sectors, both in sales for companies and individuals. Fifteen years ago, he decided to specialize in real estate investments, especially buildings, hotels and plots for developers and builders.

His incorporation in the Investment department as a senior consultant brings to the team his experience as an expert appraiser and knowledge in large asset investment.

He is a sociable and cordial person, with a clear vocation and orientation to the client and highly resolute.

José Aragones

José Aragonés

Associate Director Dept. of Franchises

External Consultant – Dept. Franchises

One of the leading franchise experts in the country. Passionate about this system of business due to its characteristics and nature. Franchising allows SMEs and micro-SMEs to multiply, becoming notorious in a short period of time.

A law graduate and professional manager of a leading consulting firm since 1996, he has created and developed more than 300 networks in his professional career.

Joan Mauri

External Consultant – Adm. of Properties

External Consultant – Adm. of Properties

Graduate in Business Administration and Management.

More than 20 years administering and managing real estate assets, mostly industrial and commercial. He has experience in investment transactions, particularly in the retail, commercial, industrial and logistics sectors, as well as in land under development and residential and industrial parks.

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