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Europe’s urban catwalk: a spotlight for major international brands

Gradually, the long shadow of the pandemic begins to fade on the streets. For decades, the promenades and avenues of Barcelona have
has been one of the main focuses of major international brands. Brands from all over the world have historically set their eyes on the city of Barcelona to open the doors of their stores to millions of locals and tourists who, day after day, are illuminated by shop windows that, after suffering the consequences of the covid, shine again as they did in the past.

During 2022, the average cumulative expenditure in Catalonia stood at 16,659 million euros, 198% more than the previous year. Undoubtedly, a great figure that, however, has a nice road ahead during this next year, where estimates indicate that it can be easily surpassed.

You can read the full article in Economía 3.

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