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Portal de l’Àngel, commercial properties protected by a winged custodian

Locales comerciales en Portal de Langel

One of the most commercial streets in Barcelona is Portal de l’Àngel.. The main commercial street of Ciutat Vella, between Plaça Catalunya and the Cathedral, and one of the most frequented avenues in the city.

The street is just over half a kilometer long and is dominated by clothing stores, national and international. What few people know is that this road is named after an angel who, sword in hand, protects its pedestrians. The custodian is located in a niche on the first floor of the Bank of Spain and has already had three lives.

Portal de l’Àngel: from gateway to shopping street

In medieval times, when the city was walled, this was one of the acces points. It was originally known as Portal dels Orbs, or of the blinds, but in the 15th century a small chapel with a protective angel was installed and the avenue became known as Portal de l’Àngel.

When the walls were demolished, the chapel disappeared and the angel was moved to a church in Hostafrancs. However, during the Civil War it was destroyed and later replaced by a copy of the original.

In 1955, the angel returned to his avenue, but he was no longer himself. Ángel Ferrant gave the city a more modern replica that was installed in a corner of the Bank of Spain.

Today, this angel is still there, protecting thousands of pedestrians. that cross this commercial street. Each year it leads the ranking of the the average rental price of the properites is the most expensive in Spain and is recognized worldwide.. Perhaps his guardian angel is the reason for his success and popularity.

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