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Montse Interiors opens new store in Reus

The home decoration and accessories brand Montse Interiors continues to grow and expand its business with a new opening in the Monterols Street 30, commercial epicenter of Reus (Tarragona). With this new store, whose operation has been advised by the real estate management company Laborde Marcet, Montse Interiors expands its presence in the Catalan territory, where it already has 27 stores open.

The new store located in Reus will replace the previous establishment located at Carrer de Jesús 14 and will be located in the commercial heart of the city. Montse Corominas, CEO of the company adds that “this new location allows us to make an exhibition more in line with the values of the product we are working on, which are high product quality and good price-quality”.

You can read the article in the Expansión newspaper.

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